Activities and Assessments for Vidas Impactantes

activities and assessments for vidas impactantes

Last year when I was deciding on a new book, I had just read Vidas Impactantes, and I was sold!  While I used this in my level 5 class, many students hadn’t read a whole novel in Spanish before.  It was easy for them to understand, and they really enjoyed the content of the book.  I also like how it was broken up into sections.  Carrie Toth mentioned that she is having her students read it throughout the year as they study each country.  I may decide to do that next year as well.  I wanted to share a few of my resources, and things that I did during the book.

  • I used many of the ideas that I detail in my post on how I teach novels.  In particular, I used the dictation (and highlighted some past subjunctive in the book), PearDeck vocabulary, reading guides, Play doh, digital storytelling, and Google Forms.
  • I also had students complete a Goosechase which they loved.  My students didn’t complete this scavenger hunt in our 45 minute class, so I felt like it had enough missions to keep them busy.
  • Each group planned a tertulia for a different chapter. Oh my gosh- having them use an article for a base was extremely helpful!  Their conversations are already really strong, and we have had conversations for 30 minutes frequently.  I highly recommend this especially for upper levels.  I also enjoy seeing what they discover.
  • We also did a GimKit early on (after 2 chapters).  You can now search for kits, so if you search for “Vidas Impactantes” mine should show up.
  • After reading, I would have students reflect on Flipgrid.  Also, I have decided that I like the looser idea of having students think of their own questions and answer their peers’ questions.
  • My students also chose two pictures to represent different parts in the book, put them onto Google Slides and discussed them Pecha Kucha style.
  • I love using different authentic resources throughout the novel.  (Check out this post on how I incorporate them!)  I used this blog post which has some great infographics that describes a lot about the Chilean miners.  After reading about Celia, we watched the first episode of Celia on Netflix.  I would definitely preview it and perhaps skip parts of it.  (I teach juniors and seniors.)  We also read this article on Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo.
  • As far as games go, the marker game and grid games are always fun after reading a chapter!
  • For assessments, we have the tertulia.  I also found a recent news article on Argentina and La Plaza de las Madres, and used Señora Chase’s ACTFL Quick Quiz rubrics.  Students also had a shorter presentational writing where they had to compare two people in the book.  Finally, they will write a longer presentational writing on a different famous Hispanic person that they research.  A quicker idea would be to have students write a review of the book for the final presentational writing.

Have you used this book in your class?  I would love to hear the resources that you use!

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