October Flipgrid topics

October Flipgrid topics

It has only taken a few months, but it seems like my students have figured out how to get a lot of responses.  Instead of answering all of the questions, then ask a question, it is better for students to just ask a question and have people give short responses.  It is also an effective way to survey people.  Therefore, I decided to switch to just general topics.  Students can log on and ask a question, or they can respond to some of the questions that have already been asked.  For this month, I have decided to use the themes:

I also like this because it makes the activity even shorter if needed.  It doesn’t take long for students to record a question or an answer to these questions.  With all of these shorter videos, it is also easy to have students watch a variety of videos.  This could springboard a written reflection about commonalities and differences that students notice.  I also like to use shorter responses to talk with students about how we can elaborate or ask follow-up questions.

My students and I appreciate everyone who has participated!  They have been thrilled with the number of responses that they have gotten.  I hope that this can continue to evolve to be useful for your students in your class.  I look forward to another round of great conversations!

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