Supplemental CI and authentic resource activities for a textbook

supplemental ci and authres activities for a textbook

I am not a big jumper- in fact I frequently advocate for small change.  I admire people who ditch their whole curriculum and textbook and make sweeping changes.  I had been playing around with comprehensible input, teaching with novels and teaching for proficiency for about seven years before I ditched my textbooks completely.  I also work in a department with other teachers who like to teach more grammar and vocabulary lists than I do.  I need to make sure that my students are prepared for their classes.  Therefore, my class is always evolving, but I try to make my students successful in my class and hopefully in their next class as well.  As I continue to think about what I want to do here on my blog, one of my big goals is to help teachers who are transitioning from a textbook or who work in a department where their colleagues still use more traditional approaches who were just like me.  I also believe that it is possible to combine both proficiency style methods and CI methods as well.  So much so that I explained how I did this in a video earlier this summer.  After the video, I went over a series of lessons that I would do to combine both.  But this can also seem daunting- and I know that.

Recently, I have been working on a project to make both CI and proficiency resources for textbook units.  I currently have finished two: clothes and house.  These are all supplemental activities to help teachers who still use a textbook.  For both resources, I wrote three articles.  They aren’t current events, but I include some relevant news with a biography of a famous Hispanic person associated with the theme.  I then wrote pre-, during and post reading activities to accompany these readings, so teachers will have activities to accompany them.

I have also included one other CI activity (Clipchat/MovieTalk or a story to tell/draw) in each packet.  Then, I included an interpretive reading activity from an authentic reading and a listening activity.  Finally, I included puedos to incorporate into the unit.  I would love feedback on if this works for you in your classroom.  I hope that teachers can find ways to work these into their existing textbook series.  Then, as they become more confident and comfortable, they can continue to make more changes.  I hope that you will find these useful!  Let me know if there are other units that I should tackle.

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3 thoughts on “Supplemental CI and authentic resource activities for a textbook

  1. Thanks for this post. If you have to get kids ready for classes w vocab lists, do you have common assessments with those teachers? If so, are they standards based or vocabulary/grammar based?

    1. Hi! Actually we don’t have common assessments for the most part, and luckily our whole department is moving to using common IPAs instead of exams. But other teachers will assess on grammar more than I do.

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