CI and Music: Level 3+

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As I have noted before, I started telling the story of the song before listening to it a la Kara Jacobs, and I noticed a big improvement in my students’ ability to remember key vocabulary from each song.  My students also really enjoyed it, and it was nice to see that their understanding from the story was reinforced by watching the video.  I also started my class this way at least once a week since I ditched my bellringer.

This year, I will be teaching level 3, so I wanted to develop a some songs for some intermediate levels.  I shared the document before, but I have added to it!

I found Ximena Sariñena’s song ¿Qué tiene? and I love it!  I also wanted to move away from the love theme that my first two songs tackled (Casualidad and Me Equivoqué)  It would be the perfect song to use right after Bomba Estereo’s Soy yo!  Plus, the video takes place in a school.  You could easily tie in any school vocabulary that you would want to after you watched the video.  In the document, I have:

  • A biography with a Google Forms quiz for students to complete
  • A few questions for PQA (personalized questions and answers)
  • A story to tell before watching the song
  • Some ideas for follow-up activities

While the story is targeted for mid to late level 2 or beginning level 3, you could simplify it to level 1.  This song is at the bottom of the document.

In the story, I write that I will describe it and draw it.  This is similar somewhat to a chalk talk.  I will take a few sentences to explain how I would do it.

First, I would state “Todos los estudiantes salieron de la escuela.”  As I was telling this, I would draw a building with a few stick figures leaving and draw arrows to indicate that they were leaving.  If I was teaching a lower level, I may write salieron to help reinforce that word.  Then, I would say that “algunos estudiantes trajeron los globos.  Los globos eran letras.”  On the same picture, I would draw a few stick figures with balloons in the shape of letters.  I would reinforce the letters by circling them as I was describing them.  I would continue.  My drawings are very basic, and it is great because they help me go slow.

Students just really have to listen, and I try to keep my stories relatively short.  For this story, I even put a brain break in the middle of the story.  However, I have some students who struggle to pay attention to this.  I tell my students that they are not required to take notes; however, if they want to write down key words, draw with me or just doddle while I am going over this, they can.  This has helped some of my students engage in the story.  I hope that this can help you incorporate more music into your lessons.  Let me know how you use it!

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