Level 5 unit on El Paquete Semanal in Cuba

Unit on Cuba and El Paquete Semanal

This year, I allowed my Spanish 5 students to vote on our curriculum from January on.  Many students wanted to discuss Cuba at the end of the year, and as we continued to look at Cuba, I learned about El Paquete Semanal.  Both my students and I enjoyed learning more about it.  The end of the year was so hectic that I never blogged about my unit.  While I used this in Spanish 5, you could easily use this with a level 4 class as well.

  • One of the first activities I did was give students articles about the replacement for Raúl Castro and have them create an infographic based on what they had learned.  I used this article from El Tiempo, this article from BBC Mundo and finally this one from El Nuevo Herald.
  • I also had students watching some promotional videos and listening to a song about Cuba as well.  Then they answered these questions on each slide.
  • Students got to explore what was on El Paquete from this website then they listed what they saw on Padlet.  We discussed it as a whole group.
  • We watched this video as an introduction.
  • Students completed this EdPuzzle with information about how the internet works in Cuba.
  • We also watched this video which compares Cuban TV with El Paquete.
  • Although this just happened, it would be an interesting article to include in this study.  This article discusses how the Cuban government can even censure El Paquete.

At the end of the year, my students completed an IPA on this unit.  They answered questions about a video that explained the pros and cons of el Paquete.  Then they discussed what they would include on El Paquete for an interpersonal assessment.  (It went really well!)  Finally, they completed a presentational writing looking at a variety of topics in Cuba based on their own interest.


6 thoughts on “Level 5 unit on El Paquete Semanal in Cuba

  1. Could you share a link to the video that had the pros and cons to el Paquete? I greatly appreciate all the links as I am going to teach La Casa Dividida this year and these will fit perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing.

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