My Spanish I curriculum

Spanish I curriculum

Since I have been dropping the textbook, I have wanted to plot out my resources and order of my units.  I have put together this document that outlines a lot of the resources that I use.  Some of the units are more comprehensive than others, and I will continue to modify it as I teach this level again this year.

I have linked a lot of the authentic resources that I use.  Toward the end of the year, I would use Kara’s song of the week every week.  Next year, I will use this each week.  I hope that my curriculum will help give ideas to people who are thinking about moving in this direction.


7 thoughts on “My Spanish I curriculum

  1. Maris, thank you for sharing all of your ideas! I too plan to go full-on CI this year, while still keeping in mind my school’s adopted curriculum (just in terms of overall themes). I’m curious about how long you think you will be spending on the first two sections you’ve labeled “Circling…” and “Activities Before & After School” for Level 1 classes.
    I’m also using the following in my first weeks of Level 1: “Dice”, “Me llamo Ronaldo”, “Hay”, “Que te Gusta”, “all from Martina Bex’s SOMOS curriculum. I’m thinking we will be camped out here for about 6 weeks.

    1. Hi! I used these first two for the first two months. However, I should add that our first few months mean that we miss a fair amount of school. We have a few holidays, and we have a lot of special schedules. For example, I don’t see my students pretty much the whole first week of school due to ex ed and other factors. So you can probably do it a bit faster! But we also move a bit slower with getting everything set up and me explaining tech tools etc. 🙂 Does that help?

      1. Yes, that makes me feel so much better! I’m in a unique teaching position this year and don’t have any colleagues with whom to compare my pacing.

      2. I would say that it is always ok to go a little slower. With CI, I have found that I have covered a lot of other ideas like the names of classes (which are mostly cognates anyway.) And food. By going slower, students are able to remember more and use more. I only had one colleague who was doing the same thing, and we finished about the same time. I wouldn’t worry if you feel like you aren’t covering as much because I believe that students will retain much more than going fast and teaching even more vocabulary/structures!

  2. Hola! Gracias por postear esto. Es muy útil para alguien como yo que va a enseñar usando CI por primera vez. Una pregunta: Cuantos países de Latinoamérica cubres en un año? a qué paso ( uno al día o uno a la semana etc)? Gracias!

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