Video Professional Development for World Language Teachers

Video PD for WL teachers

I am so excited about my latest project!  I have been thinking (and probably over thinking this) for months, but I continually want to work on how I can provide professional development for many teachers.  I recognize that it can be difficult for teachers to go to a variety of conferences throughout the year due to cost and travel.  I also recognize that it seems like the world language profession is changing quickly, and it can be hard to catch up.

I have decided to start creating a few videos to help!  It is definitely time-consuming… as many of these videos had to be remade because I messed up or a little boy came bursting in to tell me something!  My goal for them is that it helps people implement new techniques into their own classes.  I also wanted to start to roll some out this summer when teachers have more time to watch them.

Recently, I have been working on two new videos:  The first is a free video on how to set up Flipgrid and how to use it in the world language classroom.  The second video is on how I integrate IPAs into the novel studies that I do in my classes.  I hope that after you watch these, you feel more comfortable to use them in your classes.  I wanted to keep them under an hour, so people have time to watch them (and I don’t get too wordy!)  However, in both documents, I have shared a linoit link for you to post questions that I can respond to or others can as well!

I would love to hear other videos that you think would be useful!  I have a few ideas in the works, but I want input as I continue to work to bring more professional development to more people.  To celebrate these videos and the recent IPAs that I have added to my store, I am throwing a sale in my TPT store this weekend.  I have put all of my items up for 20% off.  As always, thank you for your support as I continue to develop as a teacher and blogger and now… pesudo vlogger!

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