June recap

June Recap

I am back from my vacation, and boy, did a lot of stuff happen!  My favorite PD- EdCampCIVa- just happened last Wednesday, and I am still feeling inspired!  I will be writing a recap of that event soon.  In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my favorite posts and news that happened these past few weeks.

First, did you see the announcement that Flipgrid is now free?!  Flipgrid was acquired by Microsoft, and so now ALL users can have all of the same features for free.  They are also rolling out some changes at their Flipgrid Live event later in the summer.  Next year, I plan on continuing the Flipgrids where all students can collaborate.

Stacey has kept producing amazing content with the We Teach Languages podcast.  If you haven’t listened to some of the most recent episodes, I encourage you to download some- especially before a long road trip!  Also, I have been helping Stacey make the mid week newsletter.  That has a lot of updates from previous guests and reactions from others.  Think of it as a modified Brillante Viernes post- but on Wednesday! 🙂

Also, if you didn’t see it, I wrote a post on Secondary Spanish Space about how to include authentic resources with novels this week!  When they contacted me to write it, I wanted to look around and say “who me?!”  But I guess if someone contacts you directly- they are talking to you.  As I start to find what my own voice sounds like in FL education, I know that I straddle both lines- using CI, authentic resources, and IPAs.  I feel that at times, they can be pitted against each other, but I don’t feel that has to be the case.  This post captures a lot of what I do in my classroom to manage both.

As far as other posts, make sure to check out:

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