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End of the year IPA: Level 1

End of the Year: Spanish IPA Level 1

I am popping back to my blog to let you know that I recently wrote up everything that I used for my end of the year IPA for level 1 for my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I hope to continue to populate my store with various IPAs that I have used these past two years.  For this IPA, I wanted students to be able to read about and discuss what they do in their day to day life since these topics are typically covered in level 1.  They looked at life in Bolivia in an interpretive reading, then they participated in an interpersonal speaking discussing their own lives and compared the two in a presentational writing.

With this item, I included rubrics for interpretive reading, interpersonal speaking and presentational writing.  Since it is in a Google Drive, you can copy the information and edit it if needed.  I hope that if you are making the transition to IPAs that you will find it useful!


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