Noticias: 21 de mayo

noticias 21 de mayo

I have put together another edition of las noticias for this week!  Many people helped me edit it!  Thank you Diego, Bethanie, Monica and Alejandra!  This edition includes:

  • The airplane crash in Cuba
  • The newest telenovelas for Univisión
  • Real Madrid’s basketball team is in the finals
  • The Dominican dance group in the dance parade in NYC
  • Celebration of el chivito in Uruguay

21 de mayo

If you would like to use these pre-reading activities in my activities, I have included it here:

word cloud

To follow up with some of the other news, you can:

  • Look up the final results of the basketball game!
  • Watch some videos of Andulleros on their Facebook page.  (Including a live video of the parade today.)
  • You can look at the characters in the new series LIKE.

2 thoughts on “Noticias: 21 de mayo

  1. Excellent post! I love the idea of incorporating news articles and current events in the World Language class. I think it helps our students to be more globally aware, while giving them the opportunity to practice their reading comprehension skills. I am always looking for fresh ideas on incorporating reading activities. In my blog post, I discuss a few pre and post reading activities that I like to use: In addition to this, I am always looking for new ideas. Thank you for your post! 🙂

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