Brillante Viernes: May 18, 2018

brillante viernes may 18

Happy Friday!  It has been a LONG week with a trip up to NYC to celebrate my husband’s graduation from Columbia!  (And he got to walk on stage with our son- picture above!  It was the cutest thing ever!)  However, it was wonderful and we are so proud of all of his work.  Now, I am back and trying to finish the year strong!  Here are some great posts to help you throughout the rest of the year:

  • I love these ideas from Colleen on Sketch, Share, Listen and Repeat.
  • Also, here are some ideas from Secondary Spanish Space to get you through the last weeks of class!
  • Martina also has you covered for the end of the year!  (And check out her series with Mira about leveled novels- which is so important as especially Spanish teachers have so many choices now!)
  • I am going to steal all of these ideas from Samara to build empathy in my class next year.

Also- here are my ideas from the past years:

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