Brillante Viernes: April 13, 2018

Brillante Viernes (6)

Whew!  This was a week!  It had its fair share of highs- we had an amazing trip to the National Gallery of Art.  This year we arranged a Spanish-speaking tour guide and she asked our students a lot of questions.  I could see that some of the students were surprised that a native speaker- who was not their teacher- could understand them.  Also, we had an AMAZING speaker come on Thursday- Michelle Poler who faced her fears over 100 days.  Not only was she extremely motivational, I was so happy that we brought a strong Latina woman to talk to our students.  Also, my Spanish I students did a WONDERFUL job on their interpersonal speaking assessment.  Some of them are really starting to expand their answers.  (I think that Tina’s speaking game that she mentioned in CI Liftoff helped!)

However, I have been battling with allergies, so I wake up feeling a bit under the weather.  And I had some issues with my car battery, but I got to spend some time with a colleague that I haven’t spent time with before.  I may have even gotten a guest speaker for my class too!  (More on that later!)  With all of that being said, I am exhausted and looking forward to this weekend and spring weather!

Here are some of my favorite posts from the week:

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