Brillante Viernes: April 6, 2018

brillante viernes april 6

Happy Friday!  Hope you had a great week overall.  Although it was hard to go back from a fun spring break, it is good to get back into a schedule (even if I did catch something one of those days!)  Comprehensible Online conference has given me so many great ideas for this spring and has been keeping this year fresh for me.  Have you seen any of it?  What have you enjoyed?  Here are some other posts that are keeping this spring new and exciting for me:

  • I continued my series on how to use novels in class on during reading activities on the EdCampCIVa blog.
  • Interested in starting a class library?  Take some of Allison’s tips!
  • Keith Toda’s post on Inauthencity combines some of my favorite topics- Cookie Monster and Señor Wooly.
  • I have been binge listening to Inspired Proficiency podcast over spring break, and I am hooked!  This week Kristine talking about breakout boxes!
  • I love these pre-reading stations, and they are applicable for any reading.

Flashback to some previous posts:

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