Dust off your goals and reflect today!

Reflect on your goals

If you are like me, you write down your goals at the beginning of the year, remember some of them, plod along and then look at them at the end of the year to see what you did and didn’t do when it is time to send in your reflection.  All of my past goals reflections on my blog have been at the end of May. I cannot try anything new by that point! However, I am trying to dust them off a bit earlier this year. Spring Break for us falls at the end of March. That gives me a solid two months to try to improve upon one of the goals that I have set for myself.  Also, spring break is renewing and gives me the push I need to finish the year strong. So- take the time to dust off your goals and see how you are doing and what you can improve upon. Here are my goals that I set, a progress report and a few incidental goals that I have found upon the way:

This was the first year that I dropped the textbook.  I was worried that students and parents would be worried that they didn’t have a resource.  I continued to make Quizlet sets to help students feel secure that they had a reference point.  I also mapped out their assessments and continued to provide study guides. I believe that this continues to help students feel grounded without a textbook.  In a few years, I may not need to do this, but I believe that it is currently effective. I haven’t heard too many complaints to date, so it seems like I am on the right path here.

My second goal I feel I have fallen a little short on up to this point.  While I still occasionally have students reflect on my feedback, I want to incorporate this more throughout the rest of the year.  I did have my level 5 students reflect on their goals this year, but I want to be purposeful. When we return from break, I want to start with Rebecca’s post to address are we getting anywhere.  I teach a lot of seniors for the first time this year, and I want to give them tangible goals that they can still accomplish something for the last month and a half. (They end earlier than we do.)  I think this will help ward off the senioritis that is starting to creep in.

My third goal has been to work with Flipgrid (as I wrote it in my goal #2018yearofflipgrid- yes I do try to use hashtags in real life when I can.)  I am really pleased with how my universal grids have started to take off! It took me awhile to get a pace, but I think I will create a new topic once a month.  I hope that this gives teachers and students enough time to engage in each grid. (So- good news! I can check this one off!)

My last goal was for professional development, and I will meet by the end of the year.  While I am continuing to plan a larger edcamp for comprehensible input in Chesapeake, Va, I wanted to develop something for Maryland.  I have planned a meet-up for Maryland at my school this coming May 5.  (Interested? Reach out to me or join the Facebook group: Maryland Comprehensible Input Teachers!)  I am hoping to make this a bit more regularly since I live in Maryland. Many CI teachers meet throughout the country, and I am hoping to develop this in the DC Metro area.

However, there are goals that pop up throughout the year that may become more important than my initial goals.  Starting in fall, I have become more cognizant to put myself first. I have mentioned this before, but I love Yoga with Adriene.  I have also found Brett Larkin Yoga this winter.  I have made it much more of a priority to do a video even if it is just 7 minutes.  (Also yoga in bed?!  Yes, please.)  This has helped me sleep better.  While I am not doing this every day, I am trying to fit it in a few times a week.  When I feel like I am losing my patience, I realize at times that I haven’t done enough yoga.  I make time that night to practice.

I also started the year strong with setting an alarm to get work done.  I don’t do this every day like when I started, but I have definitely started to organize my desk at least twice a week using a timer.  Also, Google Keep keeps me on track like no one’s business!  (Even if I have had call about my contacts on there for two or three weeks!)  As I have told SO many people, I am also addicted to Ink and Volt’s make Sunday night your power night.  I feel like it has kept me more organized and makes my Mondays easier.  This has helped me organize and prioritize my life.

What are some goals that you have met?  What are some that you can implement by the end of the year?  Do you have any new goals that have popped up this year?

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