Brillante Viernes: March 16, 2018

Brillante Viernes: March 16

Happy Friday!  I hope that you have had a wonderful week.  I have definitely been inspired by the students who have walked out of school- or chose to stay and make their own decisions on how to make school a better place for everyone.  These amazing students motivate us and remind us why we continue to come to school every day as well.

I have posted before about our free conference in Chesapeake, Va in June.  Even if you don’t live close to Virginia, Lynne and I have been posting some of our favorite CI tools.  I recently wrote about my favorite pre-reading activities for novels.  Here are some other posts to check out around the web:

Previous posts:

  • How to make a video using Adobe Spark
  • If you are going on Spring Break soon, check out my updated post on what you can do the Friday before break.
  • You should definitely play Quizlet Live if you have not played before!
  • One of my favorite stories from a student!
  • Activities with resources for school and restaurants

3 thoughts on “Brillante Viernes: March 16, 2018

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know! I will be using this in my Spanish classes next week and will update over the weekend! I will add a note here when I do so.

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