Noticias and new Flipgrid music topic

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Happy Sunday!  I have two new activities for you to use in class this week!  First, I have my most recent edition of news from last week.  This week I wrote about:

  • Spain’s fastest goal in soccer
  • Popular restaurants in Chile
  • Spanish fashion chain opens a new type of store
  • Emigrants returning to Cuba
  • Music/comedy festival in Chile

You can find the summaries below to print and distribute to your class.

26 de febrero (1)

In addition, I have 13 pre, during and post reading activities in my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you would like to extend what you are doing with these articles.  There was a lot of great culture that I found I could include this week.

Finally, these articles discuss music and many Spanish teachers are doing March Madness for Music starting this week!  Whether or not you are planning to participate, many of us feature music in our classes.  I decided to create a new Flipgrid topic, so students can share their favorite songs from Spanish class!  I decided to stick with just one Flipgrid topic for both Spanish 1 and 2 since music is something that everyone likes to discuss.  My hope is that as students hear other students talk about their favorite songs, they will be inspired to listen to new music!  (Also, I am hoping to get some new ideas, too!)

I hope these ideas jump start your week!

3 thoughts on “Noticias and new Flipgrid music topic

  1. Hola Maris! Your new summaries are fantastic! When I saw the article on the fastest goal (by a woman no less!!) I thought I should look online for a video of the goal. You’ve probably already done the same but I thought I’d send the link along just in case you hadn’t This link has an interview with Martin as well:
    Thanks for all your hard work and desire to share with others!! Mil gracias!

  2. Hi! I just came across your site for the first time. You have such great ideas! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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