Medieval Bestiary Unit

Medieval Bestiary Project

Today, I wanted to feature a project that my fellow MS Latin teacher Kristin Kvasnyuk created!  She is teaching the other blended program with me.  I am inspired by the activities that she is doing with her classes and how she incorporates projects.  This last unit was on medieval manuscripts and animals.  A similar unit could be done after any animal unit in a modern FL class.  Also, I love how she incorporated a Latin authentic text!  You can find all of the details in her nicely laid out unit here with rubrics. I love how she moved from the input for her students to their output.  For example, she starts with doing a dictation then moves to getting some output on similar texts.  She also had students match the description to the animal.  If you want to reach out to her, she is on twitter @mrskvasnyuk.

If you are interested in writing a guest post or sharing an idea here, let me know!  I would love to include it!

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