Super Bowl Infographic and Activities

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The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday!  While some of the ties are not obvious, there are plenty of Spanish speaking articles and infographics that you can find.  Many of my students like to read and discuss football, so that also helps engagement.  Recently, I found this infographic about this upcoming match-up.  (I love to see the different ways that Super Bowl is translated!)  Here is the sheet of questions that I created for the infographic.

Also, I created a Slides with a few polls using Poll Everywhere.  (You have to make a copy and use your own polls!  This is more to serve as inspiration.)  This interviews students on their preferences.  Will they watch the game?  Do they just watch the commercials?  I included an infographic, so they could learn a few more words about food that is eaten.  Although beer is included on the infographic, I didn’t include it as a list item.  Also, you could make this low tech and have students get up and move around the room.

(Thanks to Emily, she converted my Slides to Nearpod if you use that!)

Here is my post from last year with some other ideas.  If you are looking for some readings, I have some here in the past.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of information to update on this front.  Zachary Jones also had a great video with accompanying activities on his website!


12 thoughts on “Super Bowl Infographic and Activities

  1. Thanks for sharing!! I used your poll slides, and am planning a little Super Bowl after party on Monday. We will discuss our favorite commercials using CI, play commercial bingo with some ads I choose (words in Spanish), and discuss how much different things cost…a commercial, tickets, etc. Might even bring snacks if I am on top of things! Any other ideas for our party would be welcomed!!

    1. I love the commercial idea me just taking about the superbowl, especially since I’m near Philly and my school is obsessed! But if they lose….. I can’t even think about it! How will you be teaching the commercials since they don’t be out until late Sunday night? I’d love to hear your ideas!

      1. Hi! I would plan on just asking- what was your favorite commercial and have a few options that are appropriate. You could also try MovieTalks for a few commercials if you have seen that. You can pause the commercial and use it to recycle any vocabulary that you have used so far- for example, where are they? How are they feeling? What do they look like? etc.

      2. Not sure if you were asking me, but I’m hoping they are on YouTube and will give kids a list of words (un Caballo, un actor) and they will make their own bingo boards. Then I will show some that I’ve selected so they can look for the words. I also told them their homework was to come with their favorites so we can discuss. I’m hoping to do a movie talk with a few as well! If you want the list of words let me know!

  2. I used the article, it was great! I made my own poll, but I found it so hard to use. I’m not horrible with tech, but it was difficult to present and have real time results posted. Took awhile to figure out links. Any advice?

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