Noticias: January 16, 2018

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Here is the edition of noticias for January 16, 2018.  In light of recent comments by our President about El Salvador and other countries, I highlighted a fashion designer from El Salvador.  While I want students to learn important and relevant news that is occurring in Spanish-speaking countries, that can at times be too negative.  My hope is that these news stories can highlight positive people, places to travel and events that are also occurring to shed a positive light on a variety of countries.  Many times, we can only confront our biases by seeing the opposite portrayed frequently.  I hope that we can continue to find ways in our classes to demonstrate the importance and beauty of people in Spain and Latin America.  In this edition, I have written about:

  • Where you should visit in Latin America according to National Geographic
  • The decision of La Corte Interamericana to recognize the rights of LGBTQ people
  • Venezuela closes its border with the island Curazao
  • Dakar Rally
  • Francesca Miranda, designer from El Salvador

You can find the articles here: Noticias 18 de enero

Some other links that you can use in class to explore some more of these topics:

  • Take a virtual visit to Jujuy and have students check out the menu here and stay at this hostel.  You can give students a budget and have them decide what to order on the menu.  Students can also convert the amount of money required to stay at the hotel to American dollars.
  • Follow along with the Dakar Rally to see who is currently winning!  The page also has beautiful videos that highlight the route and show students what is happening.
  • Check out the designs of Francesca Miranda on her Instagram page.  Have students discuss which outfit they prefer.

Share how you use the news in your class, and I will add it to the list as well!


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