Brillante Viernes: January 12, 2018

Brillante Viernes: January 12

Yay for Friday!  We had our first full week back-ish.  We still had an early release and late start with ice, but we successfully completed five days of school!  Are you setting your timer?  I have been keeping up with it relatively consistently, but if I miss an afternoon, it is still much more manageable the next day.  Overall, I have felt more productive.  (But I will be honest, this may be the LONGEST that I have ever kept a resolution!)  How is your week?  Here are some posts to dive into over the long weekend:

  • Did you see Matt’s list of technology to try in 2018?  Number 8 looks pretty cool, and I haven’t seen it before!
  • As teachers, we all fail.  This post is both beautiful and real about failing forward.
  • And even more greatness from the Latin world- I love integrating Snapchat into class, and I really like Keith’s take on it.
  • I am going to use these tips for Reader’s Theatre with my classes next week!

Flashback to my previous posts:

  • How I have evolved my interpretive reading
  • The role of teacher bloggers (I need to revisit this because while I am doing a lot of these now, I still have MORE that I want to keep working on!)
  • When I was figuring out how to do a MovieTalk, it helped me to have the questions written down for students.  You can check it out if it will help you transition.
  • Sie7e’s song I’m Sorry
  • Using manipulatives (which can be done online!)

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