Post winter break plans

Post Winter Break Plans

Although most teachers don’t want to admit it, the end of winter break is approaching fast!  I have put together some plans that I have thought about to help you get started for your first day back to school:

  • My favorite activity is having students read their horoscopes!  I wrote an easy version of horoscopes from Walter Mercado.  They are best for around Spanish 1B and up.  Horoscopos_ 2018 (1) I also wrote up four quick questions that students can answer.  I like to ask comprehension questions in English, but you could change them to Spanish if you prefer.  (Here is the edition for 2019!)
  • As I wrote in my Ditch Summit reflections, I plan on having students brainstorm a little from their previous units.  I will have them divide a paper into four quadrants, and I will call out a topic.  For level 1, they can write down any vocabulary that they remember from that unit.  For levels 2 and 5, they can also add other facts that they remember.  Then students share what they remember.  I will repeat this activity four times and give students about a minute to have them write as much as they can remember.  This helps all students recall ideas, and I have found that many students participate who typically don’t raise their hand.  Another quick version of this is using an acronym that you can turn into a game.
  • I also put together some tweets that I found with the hashtag #proposito2018 from Twitter.  This can be done with level 1.  Students can decide if they have the same goal.  Then, they have the opportunity to write their own resolution.
  • I like to hear what happened in students’ lives, but I also try to be cognizant of the differing lifestyles of my students.  I try to come up with questions that all students can answer.  You can also put this with Socrative or PearDeck to make sure all students have a voice.  Some of my favorites are:
    • What was your favorite food that you ate?
    • What did you watch on Netflix or TV?
    • What was your favorite video game that you played?
    • Did you play any sports?  Did you watch any sports?
    • What was your favorite movie that you watched?
    • With whom did you spend time?
    • What was the longest time that you slept?  Or what was the latest time you woke up?
    • What did you wear?  (Our students wear uniforms.)
  • I studied El Gordo with my Spanish V students, so we will look at these pictures from this year’s results.  Here is also a video of some of the children singing the numbers of the lottery.  Also, this little girl singing mil euros was a big hit of El Gordo this year.
  • I have also thought about doing the 12 grapes in class to get started or having a little sparkling cider to start the year!  (Make sure if you get cider that you have a bottle opener, or you can run around the school asking everyone for a bottle opener like me!)

What is your favorite activity for after break?  Share below or on Facebook or Twitter, and I can add it to this list!

Edited to add:  Thanks to everyone who has shared this post and added ideas!

  • Sarah Wisenhunt mentioned that she will do “snacks and stickers” to reinforce proficiency levels.  She will give students an authentic snack such as Gansitos or stickers and then students have to describe the snack or sticker based on their proficiency level in English.  I love this idea to reinforce the proficiency levels and making it much more interactive than my normal presentation!
  • Kristel Rabideau mentioned using mini marshmallows instead of grapes to recreate doce uvas.  Depending on your number of students, this may be much more cost effective.
  • Simone Skierritt also added that she has students write letters to the Three Kings, and they all bring small items in to exchange such as gum or sweets.  This would be perfect, and it takes the pressure off the teacher to provide something.
  • Also, check out Allison’s post on what she is planning on her first few days back.

13 thoughts on “Post winter break plans

  1. Hello!

    One of the activities that you mentioned had the students dividing a paper into quadrants. You said that they would write down vocab from a topic on their paper, but do they do that in all quadrants or something different in the others?


    1. Ah! I realized I wasn’t as clear! I decide on four different topics for them to brain dump- so they record each topic in one quadrant. I changed it now, so hopefully it makes more sense.

  2. Gracias por compartir tus ideas. Con los míos escribimos cartas a los Reyes y traemos regalitos (dulces, chicle, nada caro) para intercambiar.

  3. ¡Muchas gracias por compartir tus planes! Nunca he hecho nada con horóscopos. El primer día de clases en enero yo preparo las 12 uvas en vasitos y les enseño el video de de las campanadas y lo toco después de explicar lo de las uvas. Es casi como si estuviéramos celebrando porque con cada campanada nos comemos una uva. Es un buen comienzo del año. ¡Feliz año nuevo!

  4. Me gusta leer los ideas y actividades. Gracias por compartirlos! Yo siempre horneo unos roscas de reyes. Les gusta comer y la sorpresa adentro para la posibilidad de tener buena suerte. Algunas clases ponemos nuestras fotos preferidos para describir porque les gusta hablar de sus vidas. Arreglo las mesas en grupos y pongo varias cosas de las unidades que estudiabamos y tienen que describirlas sin decir que es para practicar el circunloquio.

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