Brillante Viernes: November 3, 2017


Brillante Viernes Nov 3Happy Friday!  It was an exciting week for me!  My Spanish II class decided to nominate me for Teacher of the Month in the newest Revista Literal!  I was beyond touched by their words, and I was thrilled.  They are truly a special class, and many times, I feel that I am the lucky one to teach them.  (It sounds cheesy, but it is true!)  Then, my department has been discussing Tea with BVP frequently.  Many times, Thursday afternoon, we get together to listen.  The last time I called for the Diva Challenge, I was third in line, but this time I made it!  And I won the book as well!  I am hoping that my luck continues through my presentation this weekend at GWATFL.  Without further ado, here were some of my favorite posts from this week:

  • I love using FVR, and Allison’s tip about how to introduce it in level 1 is important.
  • Laura’s post on how she is changing her listening assessments may be a game changer!
  • Check out this post on how to incorporate culture into classes (and how NOT to incorporate it.)
  • As I wrote before, I think it is dangerous to constantly compare your classes’ work to that on social media.  It is great that so many people are proud of what their students can do, but many times, they just share the highs, and it is easy to get discouraged.  I believe that posts like this of Erin’s are extremely important to read.
  • Jacque Ann shared this video on Facebook with Saludos and Despedidas.  Although it isn’t “authentic,” it is pretty engaging and entertaining!  Plus, it could be used easily in level 1.  It is a whole sitcom series!

Here are some of my previous posts, too:

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