One idea to get novice high and intermediate students talking

Get students talking

This trimester, I have started teaching level 5.  I keep encouraging them to speak more in Spanish to various degrees of success.  However, this idea ensured that everyone spoke Spanish evenly.  As I have stated before, I really did not like presentational speaking until I saw Laura’s idea which focuses predominantly on interpersonal speaking.  My level 5 is completing a unit from Kara Jacobs about Ecuador.  (It is AMAZING!)

We started with Si tú la ves which is a standalone free part of the unit.  I personally love this song, and my students have as well!  One student even has downloaded the song and sends multiple snaps of himself singing.  (I mean if that isn’t enough motivation to try it…!)  After the unit, I put together a Google slides of a variety of places in Ecuador.  Students spent some time investigating one of the places.

In a side note, I want to promote encouraging students to use either or the unsplash photos add-on for Google slides.  Many times, students revert to Google Images.  This teaches students legal ways to find pictures.  Plus, these add-ons/website are pretty much as easy to use as Google images.

After they researched their own place, I projected each slide.  The class could read it, and then one by one raise their hand once they had a question for the student who wrote it.  I really like the differentiation of allowing students to ask their question when they are ready.  I ensured that everyone asked a question for each slide/place, and everyone had to answer questions since they had created a slide.  It also reviewed a lot of the places around Ecuador in a bit more depth, too.  You could use this for a variety of topics: restaurants in various cities, famous people, various places in nature, pieces of art or artists, etc.  You could use this in level 2 and up, and it was also low prep for me to set up!

4 thoughts on “One idea to get novice high and intermediate students talking

    1. I have graded it before, but this was an in class assignment. I have used the interpersonal speaking rubric when I did this for a grade. Yes- students do read it. Although some of them asked the presenter to explain something in a picture too!

      1. I know my students feel /ask for grades for whatever work they do. How many days did you spend on it? I know it probably depends on number of students. How many slides does each student have?

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