Brillante Viernes: September 29, 2017

Brillante Viernes Sept 29

Yay for Friday!  My precious son is turning the big FOUR this weekend!  He is the happiest child, and we are so lucky to have him.  He is excited that now he can have two gummy vitamins.  #perksofbeingfour  If you don’t have a weekend full of raucous preschool birthday celebrations, check out these articles:

  • I also published over on Path2Proficiency about how to adjust today!
  • I am fascinated by brain research, and this Edutopia article about brain research and memory is insightful.
  • Fifty crazy things to change about education: #13 ALL DAY! (oh and #20.  Can I have a reality show?!)  Also #24!  So much truth with my own PD now.  Just read it!
  • For Spanish teachers, both Martina and Kara have shared incredible resources to help out Puerto Rico.
  • Kristy’s post is amazingly honest, reflective and also contains a powerful mantra for this year.
  • I felt like I was saving everything this week on Facebook!  But I am particularly excited about this doc that explains a variety of Hispanic celebrations throughout the world (if you have more, add to it!) and this article about a variety of different hot dogs in Latin America.  Also, since this post is about my son, he has had salchipapas!

Some more posts from previous years at my own blog:

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