Noticias: 24 de septiembre

Noticias 24 de septiembre

I have put together another edition of Noticias for this week.  I included:

  • The earthquake in Mexico and the dogs who are helping rescue people
  • The indigenous Kulla Raymi celebration in Ecuador
  • The RefugiArte exhibition that is now in Panama
  • The newest cafeteria to open in Costa Rica where people of all abilities can work
  • A brief biography of Michael Peña from the Lego Ninjago movie

There are also some videos that you could show in class to discuss any news article.  This video is from Facebook, and it highlights the dogs in Mexico.  This is the original article about the new cafeteria in Costa Rica.  In it, they interview the owner of the café.  He speaks both in Spanish and uses sign language.  Finally, Zachary Jones has a great activity to compare both trailers of the Lego Ninjago movie.  If it is too advanced for your students, you could watch the trailer like a MovieTalk and just describe what is happening.

Hope you can use these in your classes this week!

(Edited to add- if you have not checked out Martina’s Correcaca news article from last week- do it!  My students LOVED it.)

Also edited to add- the first caption of the date had the incorrect date!  I have updated it!

Noticias 24 de septiembre (1)

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