Brillante Viernes: September 1, 2017

Brillante Viernes: Sept 1, 2017

Whew!  Happy Friday!  This week was really rough for me.  I felt like I was working so hard yet overlooking a lot of details no matter how many times I checked things.  But then… we welcomed new students to our school, and it went amazing.  And my mentee teacher who is teaching Chinese (and is also amazing) this year offered to put the bulletin board paper up which was pretty much one item that I was dreading!  Also, our CPR group started dancing disco to the song Stayin Alive.  And even with all of the craziness and my hectic schedule, I was constantly reminded that I didn’t have to do all of it alone and that I have some really amazing people to help me.  So clearly, I did not finish my blog posts for this week (except for this one!) But I can’t wait to finish my first unit next week and talk about another cool technology tool that one of our Assistant Principals used.  Without further ado… some great posts for your long weekend!

  • I completely agree with Courtney’s post about stopping the shame game.
  • I love Matt’s first post on Path2Proficiency and even though it is about Chinese, so many other teachers can learn from it!  (And he is from Maryland!!)
  • I can completely relate to Valerie’s post about the vocabulary list and sounds very similar to my plan this year.
  • If you aren’t going back until next week- check out this first day stations!  It could also be used throughout the year for station ideas.

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