Brillante Viernes: August 18, 2017

Happy Friday!  I am finishing up our last trip to West Virginia and then I have a few days of work next week with our new Chinese teacher.  All of the teachers officially start back the following week.  I am enjoying these last few days while preparing some, so my first two weeks aren’t too crazy.  I have also enjoyed reading a lot of these blogs this week:

  • It has been a difficult week with the aftermath of what happened in Charlottesville.  I went to the University of Virginia and still have many people I care about who live there.  I was so fortunate to have Ricardo Padron as my teacher.  His wife wrote a beautiful post for the Washington Post about how to talk to students about what happened in Charlottesville.  Then Martina had an amazing PPT that she shared with everyone to use to talk to your students in comprehensible Spanish about these events.
  • I had already thought about my lessons then Laura reminded me why I wanted to teach Spanish I and the most important thing to tell students on the first day.
  • Check out how Wendy is going to use the new Flipgrid updates!
  • Annabelle showed some amazing ways to use Google Maps– that I know I will use this year.
  • I keep reading about PACE- and this blog makes a lot of sense to me!

There are a few other posts that I really liked, but I try to limit my posts here (and try to spread the love to many different blogs that aren’t always highlighted everywhere!)  If you want to see more, visit my Facebook page for updates throughout the week.  Here are my other posts from previous years:

  • My summer reading from last year: The Language Teacher Toolkit!
  • Last year my feedback got better for students, and I am going to continue to focus on that this year as well.
  • How to stay productive in your planning period
  • A getting to know you game for novice high and above
  • A story for novice low-mid students about a party

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