Brillante Viernes: June 23, 2017

Brillante Viernes June 23

Happy Friday!  It is our last day here at Fripp Island, SC.  When we head back, I will be putting on EdCampCIVa on June 27 in Chesapeake, Va.  I am so excited to join many foreign language educators and continue to spread EdCamps.  I believe that this will be the way to spread professional development throughout the country.  (And- if you are in the area- we still have spots available!)  I thought that the blogosphere may take a little break- but there were some great posts this past week!

  • Check out this new blog about CI in the Richmond, Va area!  I really like their post about storylistening and the Invisibles.  I am looking forward to learning more about Ben Slavic’s seminar.
  • This post about a recipe card is an interesting way to start an activity.
  • This year, I know I am going to focus on feedback even more.  This post will definitely help me.
  • A huge EdPuzzle fan myself- I like how this activity was modified using EdPuzzle.

A flashback to previous years:

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