Brillante Viernes: June 2, 2017

Brillante Viernes: June 2

It’s Friday!  For many, it is the first Friday of summer (do those teachers even know what day it is?!)  This was my last day teaching US classes.  I have one more MS class next Monday.  My students have already finished exams, and they are completing feedback today.  I am SO impressed with how many of them did on the IPA.  I can’t wait to finish grading them and analyze the results.  Here are some of my favorite recent posts:

  • I love how Wendy did her reflections!  (Hint! You may be seeing something similar from me this week.)
  • Rebecca posted in Path2Proficiency!  She gave some excellent tips for unit planning.
  • I keep nodding a lot about everything on the Language Gym’s recent posts.  It has me thinking about how I will plan my classes next year.
  • I love these ideas for how to grow as an educator this summer!

Here are some older posts from this week on my blog:

  • It is so easy to create extra Quizizz practices for my students to review for the exam.
  • Reflection from 2015… mostly to say I finally accomplished goal #3!
  • Although I have changed my final exam to an IPA, here was how I differentiated my old exam.
  • I still haven’t found my video, but if you have Cinco Amigas, this is the handout that I used.

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