Brillante Viernes: May 5, 2017

Adobe Spark (82)

¡Feliz cinco de mayo!  Hope you are enjoying your cinco de mayo whether you decide to celebrate it in your classes or not.  I am not celebrating in my classes, but we did sign my son up for his first “race” which involves a cinco de mayo celebration.  Also- I will get into more details as we get closer, but I am putting together a free conference about comprehensible input for June 27.  It will be in Chesapeake, Virginia.  If you live close, sign up!  And tell your friends that work with you!  Here are some of my favorite posts from this week:

  • I love these class awards at the end of the year!  And they can be done in the TL!
  • Check out these binge-worthy shows on Netflix.  I am going to be using some Netflix with my Spanish V next year, so I will just call it “research!”
  • One of my colleagues has piloted an online AP Calculus class this year.  She has done some amazing things and many of her ideas could easily apply to any online class.
  • Check out this paragraph shrinking/summary strategy!


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