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Noticias: abril 2017

Noticias de abril 2017

Martina has done a wonderful job of writing up news stories, but with everything happening in South America recently, I felt compelled to write summaries for my students.  I have been wanting to write about Venezuela for awhile now.  In this edition, I have stories about:

  • Political changes in Venezuela
  • Mudslides in Colombia
  • Political changes in Paraguay
  • Chocolate festival in Bariloche
  • A Guatemalan fashion designer with Down’s syndrome

I included a few more articles because I don’t want the articles consistently paint Latin America in a negative light.  I worry that while these changes and disasters are important they will perpetuate stereotypes of Latin America.  Pre-reading, I like to have students make predictions about the articles.  Then they can read to determine if they are true or not.  Here is my pre-reading activity:

  1. Nicolás Maduro es el presidente de Venezuela.
  2. El gobierno de Venezuela consiste en dos partes.
  3. Había una avalancha de lodo y rocas en Colombia.
  4. En Paraguay, el presidente puede optar para una reelección.
  5. Los presidentes de Paraguay tienen un término por 4 años.
  6. En Argentina, muchas personas quieren hacer la barra de chocolate más larga del mundo.
  7. En Guatemala, una muchacha que tiene síndrome de Down es una diseñadora de ropa.

To extend the last two activities, you could share a chocolate catalog from the store Del Turista.  Students could choose which chocolate they prefer.  Here is the Down to Xjabelle website and Instagram page.  Without further ado, here is a PDF of the articles:


My main source is BBC Mundo, and the others include information about Bariloche’s chocolate scene, an article about Isabella, and NPR about lack of food and medicine in Venezuela.


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