Brillante Viernes: March 31, 2017

Brillante Viernes March 31

Happy Friday!  We just got back from Virginia Beach!  On the way back, I got to catch up on the Google Teacher Tribe podcast.  If you haven’t listened to it- you should!  I always learn something great.  I was so excited to hear how to add symbols to Google Drive that can help students with dyslexia, I wrote down the directions to share with our learning support.  (The video is here.)  Here are some more of my favorite posts from this week:

  • Sketch 50 has just started!  You can practice sketch notes on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  Or you can just doodle for yourself!  It is just on day 5- so you can still join!  Here are my sketches (so you know that you don’t have to be anywhere near perfect…)BeFunky Collage 2.06.04 PM
  • I finally took the plunge and applied to present at NECTFL this year.  Then I signed up to present at GWATFL!  I wish I had this post by Señor Fernie to help me out!
  • I LOVE Meredith’s post on technology!  And am excited to use her ideas with Snapchat!
  • And MORE ideas on how to use Snapchat with BookSnaps!

Here are some more posts that I wrote years ago:

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