Quick Tip: Quizlet Learn!

Quick Tip: Quizlet Learn

Stacey (our tech specialist) shared the new development by Quizlet- Quizlet Learn.  This video introduces it.  Essentially, students can sign up for the date that they have a quiz in Quizlet Learn.  The program will tailor questions for them getting easier or more difficult as it progresses.  It will also send students reminders and encouragement at different checkpoints.  This feature will help students have a study plan leading up to the quiz.

Once students are signed into Quizlet, they find a study set and click on learn:Quizlet Learn.PNG

Then they click on the button which has the lines and circles in the upper right hand corner: Quizlet Learn 2

This pops up with settings, and they can scroll down to set their due date:Quizlet Learn 3

Then students can study and they will get messages about their progress:Quizlet Learn 4

I am pretty excited about this feature!  The only downside is that this is only available for iOS now.  Quizlet says that they will roll out a version for Android and desktop soon!  I know that I have many students who love Quizlet not just for Spanish but for all of their classes.  Hope you check it out and share this with your students!



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