Evolving my interpretive reading even more

Evolving my interpretive reading... even more

With switching to proficiency, I feel like I am constantly evolving.  I am always developing what I am working on with my students to support them more.  Each time I give an IPA, it becomes clearer what holes I have to fill, and I change my teaching.  This current project reflects what I am seeing from my current students and how to help them with literacy strategies.  I am so glad that I went to the session about interpretive reading at ACTFL.  Last year, I developed this activity for interpretive reading about how to decorate a bedroom.  I didn’t do much with it after that- or before that for that matter.  For the pre-reading, I created a word cloud with words using Tagul.  It was SO easy!  And it didn’t ask me for all of these plug-ins like other word cloud websites.  Here is the word cloud:

Word CloudAfter this, I had students identify words that they knew and predict the title/topic of the reading.  While some students talked about “house,” I redirected them based on what words they were actually seeing.  Then, I pulled some pictures from the article, and students wrote sentences about what they saw.

Today, I gave my students the article.  Then, I had students look at the bold words from each section.  It was broken down into numbers, so that helped my students divide the article.  They decided the main theme of each section.  After that, we reviewed the subtopics of each category.  Then, I gave them the questions to answer from last year.  I found that they were able to tackle the document much better.  Many times, students seem to get overwhelmed about all of the Spanish and forget the basic techniques that they use in English.  I am finding that the more I spend on small techniques, I will get more out of my students.  What are some of your favorite pre-reading activities?


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