Brillante Viernes: February 17, 2017

Brillante Viernes: February 17

Happy Friday before a three day weekend!  Hurrah!  It is supposed to be warm in DC this weekend which if it isn’t going to snow, I will take.  Hopefully you have time to spend time with friends and family.  Here are some of my favorite blog posts from this week (and I normally post 4, but I just couldn’t limit myself this week!)  You have an extra day, so spend a few more minutes reading:

  • TeachThought has a great post about how to stop praising student work and give specific feedback and this post by Betsy about specific feedback.
  • Martina posts a valuable piece on copyright concern as more teachers post their work online, and Mike adds to this discussion as well.
  • I keep thinking about pre-listening/speaking/writing/reading activities.  Here are some pre-listening activities to do.
  • Also because I couldn’t decide between Bethany’s posts on adding videos to Google slides (and how to use this ability in the FL classroom) and open mind interactive slides.
  • Finally- if you have even more time, check out Sara-Elizabeth’s post on her blogs to watch!

More of my posts from this time in the past years of my blog:

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