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Talking about the Super Bowl


I am a member of the Inspired Proficiency Facebook group.  There has been a lot of talk on how to incorporate the Super Bowl into our classes.  Tomorrow will be the perfect time to talk about the Super Bowl instead of a weekend chat!  I plan on using PearDeck to scaffold and survey my students.  I like that PearDeck can show my students live results, and I can have students respond to a multiple choice poll or write a longer response.  It can also give everyone time to process and respond.  It also goes well with Google accounts.  Finally, it holds everyone responsible because it tallies who has responded.  First, I can survey who watched the show and half time show.  I can ask feelings if they were happy or disappointed with the outcome and half time show.  I also will ask who watched the Puppy Bowl for those students who do not love football.  I will select the top 4 commercials and ask students what their favorite commercials were.  Also, I am going to take some stills of commercials and have students label them in Spanish.  This can be a great review of previous vocabulary.  I love that it is easy to embed pictures, and students can write on them.  This will also continue to involve students who didn’t watch the Super Bowl.  Finally, I will ask students what they ate during the game.

Also, I found this fun authentic resource for the Super Bowl.  It is pre-Super Bowl, but it will work.  I can actually embed it into PearDeck and have students comment on words that they can identify.  ESPN Deportes has some other resources and videos including Latin American fans at the Super Bowl.  (I sympathize with that poor Buffalo Bills fan… maybe next year they will at least make the playoffs…)  Zachary Jones also has a nice collection of football/Super Bowl activities.  Also, you can ask which quarterback is better Joe Montana or Tom Brady with this infographic.  This infographic would go well with the food question, but it does include beer in the infographic.  How will you celebrate the Super Bowl tomorrow?


3 thoughts on “Talking about the Super Bowl

  1. Would you be willing to post your Pear Deck for the Super Bowl as an example? I’ve never used the program before. Thanks!

    1. I would if I could, but I am not sure how to show a PearDeck outside of my school! Essentially it is an interactive slideshow- I can ask my students questions (short answer, multiple choice etc), and their answers all appear on the screen. They can also draw or label pictures.

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