Finishing up Billy y las botas… and reflections!


I wanted to wrap up a few activities that I completed with Billy y las botas before break!  I also want to include a few ideas that I would change next time.

  • I was really bad at pre-teaching vocabulary.  I assumed (incorrectly) that students would pick up the vocabulary as I was reviewing it.  When I realized it, I reviewed the vocabulary and made a Kahoot with it!  This was the first Kahoot with videos that I made, and I really liked it!  I used this during the part where the tall man was grabbing Billy and the boots were encouraging him to jump.
  • While many times, I wanted to talk about the book, I recognize that it can be difficult for some students to always pay attention to me.  One day, I broke out the individual whiteboards as we were reading.  Another day, I asked the main questions and put the “bigger idea” questions into PearDeck.  I think it is important to recognize that it is difficult for some students to sit and listen without something else to do.
  • I made sure to complete a cloze activity that I found online for El Burrito Sabanero before that section in the book.  My students enjoyed this song!  It was also a nice way to incorporate culture into the book.
  • At the end, I created a Quizizz for students to complete.
  • I also utilized the Teacher’s Guide for awesome activities like Matamoscas!
  • To finish up our unit, the students completed a Fishbowl activity with the pictures from the novel.  We practiced the Pecha Kucha as well as the students had a chance to complete this activity in small groups before they completed this for an assessment.  I allowed them to pick any four pictures from the novel as long as they had not previously been used by another group in the class.
  • While groups were completing this activity, my other students wrote up different creative versions of this text.  I allowed them to use the book as well.
  • In the end, we had a bit of time for a Smashdoodle.  I wish that we had had more time for this!  Here are some of my students’ mostly unfinished (but still awesome!) Smashdoodles:


There are many things that I liked about my unit!  I really enjoyed Billy, and my students did too based on their feedback.  I would say that this is the most successful book that I have incorporated with my students.  I obviously need to keep pre-teaching vocabulary, and I think that would have been a bit more successful.  I could have stretched this unit out to include a few more days especially post graphic novel including another digital storytelling time and more time to finish the smashdoodles.  I would encourage you to try out this graphic novel with students!

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