Daily Routine Integrated Performance Assessment

Daily Routine IPA

After my Netflix unit, we have been completing the daily routine unit.  Here are some of the authentic resources that I have used.  Recently, I have developed my final unit integrated performance assessment.  I feel that this unit was easy to incorporate into a “traditional” classroom.

First, my students will complete an interpretive section using a vlogger’s daily routine.  I am always shocked at how many Spanish vloggers there are talking about their routine.  I am using this EdPuzzle as a practice.  In my first IPA, I did not have students complete a separate interpretive piece.  I felt like I did not accurately assess their understanding as much as I would have liked.  Also, I will have students complete this section in EdPuzzle.  I really like that students can re-watch sections as many times as they like.  This also makes it much more efficient than having me replay the whole video multiple times, and students are just trying to listen to the answer for one or two more questions.

Then, for the presentational part, I will have my students compare their daily routine to the vlogger’s daily routine.  I will allow students to take notes while they are watching the video.

We have exams before Thanksgiving; however, if I had more time, I would also like to have students interview each other on their daily routine.  They could include all three people in the presentational writing part.

In my overall reflection, I have noticed how much my students’ writing has improved using proficiency assessments.  Students initially were relying on the same vocabulary and verbs.  They were also writing shorter pieces.  Now, their writing has improved greatly!  They use a variety of vocabulary and are adding details to their sentences.  They will have their spoken assessment before the exam.  I am looking forward to seeing their growth!


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