Ideas for a low key class


This time of the year, it seems like we have a lot of special schedules.  The other day, half of my students had just taken the PSAT all morning.  We also had a Homecoming Pep Rally recently as well as our version of the Olympic games.  I wanted to have something that was productive and meaningful for students, but something that they could complete simply.  Here are a few of my ideas when students need a bit of a break:

  • Drawing: I had students draw a picture that was described in a Spanish paragraph.  It demonstrates comprehension without requiring a written response.  You could also have students make a comic strip live or online.
  • Kahoot, Quizizz or Quizlet Live: These are some of my favorite games as well as my students’ favorite games.  They are also easy to set up.
  • Señor Wooly nuggets:  These nuggets ranked on some of my blended students’ favorite activities.
  • Playdoh: I haven’t used it as much as I would like from the beginning of the year, but this was a favorite activity of my Spanish 3 students during my student teaching.  They felt like they were learning something yet it was relaxed.  You could also have them create a scene from the story with Play doh.
  • Café y conversación:  I would love to plan this for the first two hour snow delay!
  • Also if students won’t talk in person, they could have a discussion on Today’sMeet!
  • Tongue twisters!  My students are always up for a quick tongue twister at the beginning or end of class.
  • Crayon War: Even my older kids who are too cool for games love this one.

Share some of your favorite low key lesson ideas in the comments, and I will add them to the list!

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