Brillante Viernes: October 7, 2016


Brillante Viernes: October 7

Happy Friday!  It has been a topsy turvy week since my son has been sick.  I am looking forward to getting back on track next week.  I also am looking forward to catching up on my blog reading this weekend.  Here were some of my favorite blog entries from this week:

  • I love this idea to get more one-on-one time with the students!  And much more successful than asking if there are any questions.
  • This post talks about making sure that our communication tasks are actually something that we would do in the real world.
  • Allison rounded up a great list of Day of the Dead activities for the month!
  • I love Breakout boxes!  Here is how one teacher is using them in her class!

Here are some of my posts from back in the day:

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