Daily Routine Authentic Resources

Daily Routine Auth Res

Sometimes, do you feel like you search for a resource and never find it?!  Then later, you hit the jackpot!  This is how I feel about my recent search for authentic resources based on a daily routine.  Here are some of my most recent favorites:

  • This is a very basic routine of this blogger written succinctly.  It would be great for the beginning of a unit.
  • This is longer, but I would start with the second part which are the details of this blogger’s day.
  • While this is a longer schedule (and a bit outdated from 2009), I think students will enjoy the fact that it is about Selena Gomez!
  • I found this last year, but I thought I would include it in my round-up: A video of a vlogger’s morning routine.
  • Finally, People en Español has Un día con… different actors, singers etc.  It is a gold mine of daily routines with lots of pictures!

Have you found any new favorite daily routine resources?

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