Simple Sundays: Appreciation Walk

Simple Sundays Appreciation Walk

As I mentioned on Friday, my friend Matt Frattali has a series on YouTube called Friend Friday where he talks to different educators every week.  Jonathan mentioned two weeks ago that he goes on an appreciation walk.  I loved that idea and decided to implement it this week- with a little spin!

Last year, I was fortunate to teach my blended class in with my Latin friend Kristin who made the awesome bulletin board on my blog.  She was great to bounce ideas off of and just talk to about life.  Now that I don’t get to teach in her room, I don’t see her as much.  She was my perfect partner in crime for this appreciation walk!

During the walk, we talked about positive things that were happening in our classes.  She is implementing a new Latin curriculum with more talking, and her students were reacting very positively to it!  I am excited about my new proficiency based curriculum and being able to continually increase my use of comprehensible input.

Then, we talked to all of the other teachers we ran into.  We offered a piece of chocolate and asked them to share their best part of their week.  It ranged from the weather, to the insights of 7th graders to a new video up on our website!  Our walk only took half of a class, so you could easily implement this in your day and still have time to plan!  And I bet you will be much more productive after your walk and fresh air.  What was the best part of your week?

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