Back to School Night 2016

Back to School Night!

This year, I wanted to shake up my back to school night routine.  I always give parents access to their child’s Seesaw account.  This allows them to see what their child is doing in class.  However, I believe that many parents cannot realize how school is for their child now that our school is one to one.  As I have discussions with my mom and my husband, they cannot believe the educational technology that exists now.

Therefore, I decided to have my parents play a game of Kahoot!  It is fun and interactive and gives parents an idea of what students are doing in class.  We complete this after I review the class content and introduce myself.  This year, I used a Spanish cognate Kahoot since it is easy for everyone to play.  It would also be fun to do a Geography Kahoot.  My friend who teaches math created a Kahoot based on what she explained earlier in the class.  I tried this last week with the Upper School Back to School Night, and it went well!  One parent even said- what happened to just raising your hand?!  I could explain how now ALL students were answering instead of just the one who raised his or her hand.  Have you used technology for Back to School night?  What works for you?

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