Netflix Unit: Continued Reflection

Netflix Unit: Continued Reflection

I am enjoying my Netflix unit, and it seems that my students are as well.  I wanted to post a few highlights and ideas that I have enjoyed:

  • If you have not checked out Kara Jacobs’ information with the Soy Yo video by Bomba Estereo, you need to look at it!  It is fabulous!  It works with descriptions, and she has a lot of embedded readings as well.
  • Since De que te quiero, te quiero is off Netflix (boo!), I have decided to show Miss XV this year.  The kids are happy with it so far, and this is the sheet that I used for the first part of the show.  We were practicing the structures: “bajan las escaleras, quiere and novio.”
  • For my interpretive reading practice, I had students looking at movies from this website.  Students had to fill out a form based on the information that they read.
  • Finally, I created a study guide that will be similar to the interpretive reading quiz.  This will be very similar to our quiz.

Overall, I have been enjoying “reviewing” my year so far in this manner.  We are able to review different topics and themes all within the topic.  If you missed my previous posts, here there are Part I, Part II, and Part III.


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