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Where I remind myself again that I am much better when I write things down


I am in the current transition out of bellringers.  (And not ready to post QUITE yet.)  If you follow me on Twitter, you know that this is quite the heartbreaker for me!  During the bellringer, I had time to check in with kids individually, check their homework and take attendance.  However, I have noticed that students are MUCH more attentive at the beginning of class since I eliminated bellringers, so I am still running with it.

Today, I wanted to do a MovieTalk with the video Tú by David Pareja that I found thanks to Zachary Jones.  I decided to use MovieTalk because I could recycle the video, and the students could listen to the lyrics again.  In the morning before class, I wrote out ALL of the questions that I could.  I feel that I come up with so many more questions that way!  I can always add questions in, but at least I have a reliable source to fall back on if I forget.  It also helps me to remember what I want students to remember.

I also like these types of chats because the questions are scattered throughout.  I gave each student 2-3 jewels to represent the amount of times that they had to talk.  Kids cannot tell if they answered an “easy” question or a “harder” question because the questions are scattered throughout the video.  They are excited that they answered it!  (And probably excited that they had some pretty jewels in their hands!)  I encourage everyone who struggles to sometimes come up with a follow up question or to focus on what they are saying to write down your questions.  It can seem overwhelming, but I am always glad when I do.  I also like this as I am transitioning into more interpersonal activities.


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