Interpretive reading: Fichas from Superpop

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I am starting to develop more resources for my Netflix Unit as the year starts.  I really like these fichas for the beginning of the year resources.  They have very short phrases at the beginning with a few sentences later.  For my reading activity, I used the interview with Dani Martín and Blanca Suárez  (Yay El Internado!)

During the edcamp that I attended this summer, some teachers lamented that authentic resources really intimidate students.  I believe that it is important to start out relatively easy, so students are not overwhelmed.  I started with multiple choice questions for the most part.  My goal is to boost student confidence and show students that they are capable of tackling an article like this.  I also saw Sara-Elizabeth talk about on Twitter that she leaves space for students to write anything else that they understand.  I added this question as well.  Here is the link for the Google Form that I set up.

How do you help students adjust to using authentic resources at the beginning of the year?

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