Updated syllabus for Spanish II

Spanish II syllabus

Since I wanted time to work on my syllabus, I decided to complete it over the weekend, so I wouldn’t stress next week.  I decided to create my own template with Picktochart, and it really was easy!  In the past, I had used the template and while it was better than a Word document, it still wasn’t too fancy.  It helped that I had Wendy’s ideas to reference.  I really like how Wendy listed activities that students would do.  That would actually make me excited to be in a class… instead of just reading about course goals.  I got rid of my course goals!  (Don’t worry, they are still on my website!)  Here are a few tricks that I discovered while developing my syllabus:

  • Under tools, you can create a chart for your grading policy.  Under settings, you can turn off the “legend.”  This way, you can make the chart easier to read.  Then, I placed the title category over the bar.  This was much easier to read.
  • I decided that two fonts look better than sticking with one.  Also, I tried not to go add too many fonts, or I think it is hard to read.
  • Under graphics, I stick with icons instead of images.  To me, they look more streamlined for an infographic.  With icons, you can change the opacity or the color.
  • If you move any box, Picktochart has great guidelines that appear.  This really helps me because I can barely line up my bulletin boards!

Do you have any Picktochart advice?  I am so excited to show this to my students!

5 thoughts on “Updated syllabus for Spanish II

  1. Hi Maris – thanks for the tips! I had never used piktochart and gave it a try. I’m happy with the results but am having trouble printing. Did you print your syllabus?
    Thank you so much!

    1. That is awesome! I am so glad that it worked out! I don’t print mine, but another person suggested downloading it as a png then putting it into Word. That seemed to work.

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