Online review game for fast finishers

Review Game Zone for Fast Finishers

Typically, I like to have activities ready for students who finish early.  I have had Zondle available, but it recently folded unfortunately.  Last year, I stuck with Quizlet and Quia, but students didn’t play Quia as much.  They also became bored with Quizlet ALL the time.

Recently, I found Review Game Zone.  I like it because you can set up a class to see student progress.  I also like the multiple different games that the site provides (about 15 total).  Teachers can create multiple choice questions, or draw from a bank of multiple choice questions.  Students can choose the game to play.  They answer a question correctly to be able to play.  I feel that it imitates many games that students enjoy playing.  (I enjoyed the tower stacking game myself!)  In the past, I would have students play these games at home as well for fun.  Plus, it is free!

Many Spanish games already exist.  While many of these games focus on grammar or vocabulary, I would encourage teachers to create a game that focused on a novel or a reading.  Teachers could also create a game describing a vocabulary word instead of sticking to translation to practice more circumlocution.  In the end, these games are perfect for students who are done, but many times, students end up “playing” more than answering questions.

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