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Noticias: Los Juegos Olímpicos

Noticias: Los Juegos Olímpicos

I wanted to share my most recent take on “noticias” when I wrote up a few articles about the Olympic games for teachers who are back in school, and can talk about the Olympics!  I discussed Honduras’ hope for a gold medal, the first person from Latin America to win a gold medal in these Olympics as well as a pretty awesome motocross Olympian from Colombia!  I also gave a bit of information about some of the Latino athletes competing for the United States.  I tried Adobe Spark this time for my presentation.

I also wanted to share a few authentic sites that you can use in your class for further conversation:

  • Here is the official Olympic website in Spanish.
  • Colombia has good coverage of the Olympics as well.
  • Telemundo Deportes also has excellent video coverage of the games.

Enjoy and go USA!


2 thoughts on “Noticias: Los Juegos Olímpicos

  1. Are the articles to which you are referring the information in your presentation, or are there other worksheets? If so, can you share them?
    Thank you for the use of the presentation! Is there a way to get it into my Google Drive or Google Presentation? I’m afraid of not being able to access it later.

    1. Hello! They are in the Adobe Spark. I was playing around with it this time, but I think I will stick to LucidPress in the future because that can be easily downloaded. Unfortunately, it cannot be downloaded, but I do not plan on moving it any time soon!

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