First two days of school: My lesson plans

First Days of School Lesson Plans

I wanted to lay out some of my back to school lesson plans.  I say this with a bit of an aside.  My first day has VERY short classes (about 15 minutes).  Then my second day has a longer class, but the following two days we go away for experiential education.  In addition, this year, I am teaching Spanish 2, so you may have to adapt my plans to fit your schedule.

For my first day, I am going to stick to my schedule from last year.  I will take attendance, introduce myself, and play Soy Yo.  In addition, I want to give students this form to complete on Google Forms.  I found this on the TPRS group on Facebook.  I have used surveys before, but it can be time consuming to go through all of them.  I feel that Google Forms will allow me to reference the information faster.

My second day is a longer class.  I try to get students into the groove that each day, we start with a warm-up activity.  I have wanted to try this warm-up activity for awhile!  I will give each student a small tub of play-doh and about three minutes to create a figure.  Then, they will create a Seesaw account.  Once they have created this, they will dive into describing their figures on Seesaw.  Since they have all taken Spanish classes before, I want to see how much they remember and what they can do with the language.  I will provide them with a few questions: What is his or her name?  Is he tall or short? etc for those students who need the support.  I want to challenge students to go beyond what I write.  This also gives me a basis for asking questions in Spanish about their figures while others are finishing up writing.

After this, I plan on ending class with a song.  Have you seen Zachary Jones’ Top 5 songs?!  He highlighted verbs that are used throughout many songs such as hay, ser, querer etc.  I want to use these to really drive home the emphasis on these popular verbs.  Plus there are some of my favorite artists like Prince Royce and Cali y El Dandee!  As you plan on your classes back to school, I hope this helps you.  (Allison also shares her back to school plans here!)

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